Welcome to our church!

Hi! Are you new in Alicante?
First of all, welcome to our city. If you are looking for a church in Alicante, we would be really happy to meet you and introduce you in our community. We are the First Baptist Evangelical Church in the City of Alicante and our history dates back to 1870. In our church you will find a multigenerational and multicultural community.

If you are a student and you’re going to stay in Alicante for some months, you can ask us about our International Group. This group is full of international students. They meet every week to have some time studying the bible and building community. We think both things are really important, specially for the people who is abroad.

If you are just spending your holidays in Alicante, you’re also welcome to our community. We will be really happy to celebrate our faith and our love for God together with you. Our Sunday Service starts at 12.00h, and we also have Sunday School which starts at 11.00h. If you need translation in our services, you just have to ask to one of our brothers or sisters and we will translate the service for you.

We are really close to the city centre. You can find us in Plaza Pio XII, 3 in Alicante city. If you come walking from the city centre, it takes around 15 minutes from Rambla and Luceros. You can also take Tram to Marq Station which is 5 minutes walking from our church or use the bus 3 or 6 that stop in front of the church.

You are welcome to check some more information about us in our Facebook Page, or in the Facebook Page of our Youth Group.

Welcome to our church! Welcome to the First Baptist Evangelical Church in Alicante!